Vice President



Bachelor of Science
University of Alberta - Edmonton, May 1967
Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)

Member of ASHRAE



Work Experience

     -   Over 35 Years Experience in Mechanical & Electrical Design Engineering   -


August 1978 - Present

Durham Energy Specialist Limited, Whitby, Ontario
Consulting Engineering/Energy Management


The scope of this company is to carry on Engineering services for
    various clients in the area of Energy Conservation. Engineering services      


Mechanical and Electrical Design

       ● Energy Audits
Preparation of engineering drawings
Supervision of Tender calls
Supervision of installation
Post analysis and owner instruction

Registered as a qualified Consulting Engineer in the province of Ontario
   since 1981. Registration # 1813
Registered as a qualified Professional Engineer in the province of
   Ontario with permission from the Professional Engineering Society to
   carry out Engineering under the Corporate Engineers Act.

   Registration #42833012
Registered and accepted by the Ontario Government to perform Energy
   Audits and Retrofit Design engineering for the Industrial Energy
   Conservation program sponsored by the Ontario Government
   (Mr. Rick Areis - Past Manager)
Registered and accepted by the Government of Ontario to perform
   Energy Audits and Retrofit Design Engineering for the Municipal
   Energy Conservation program. (Mr. A.G. Turton, P. Eng.)

October 1978 - Present

KWS Energy Services Limited, Whitby, Ontario
Owner / President
(Mechanical and Electrical Contractors)

Mechanical and Electrical Contractor / Installer
   Commercial, Industrial and Institutional
   Market place in Metro Toronto and Durham
   Installation of Mechanical systems up to $2 million scope
   Averaged $5-6 million per year in the late 1980’s to 1992
Major Expertise is Design / Build and Turnkey projects where we are
   the Prime Contractor working directly for the owner. Responsible for
   all trades and final Commissioning
Always installed with a design to include the latest in Energy Efficient
   design and technology with the most cost effective end result for client and   

Recognized in the community as a strong force with an excellent
   reputation for Commissioning the project within the scope of work

May 1967 - May 1968

General Foods, Cobourg, Ontario
Project Engineering

Responsible for design, budgeting, purchasing, tendering, cost control
   and co-ordinating process installations for a large food manufacturer

May 1968 - Aug. 1978

Harold R. Stark Limited, Oshawa, Ontario

   Began with responsibility of mechanical, plumbing and heating estimating,
   and eventually took charge of sheet metal and refrigeration estimating
   as company developed
   Control of all estimating for both mechanical and electrical divisions of
   H.R. Stark (union) and Superior Plumbing & Heating, (non-union)

   Responsible for design of mechanical and electrical systems for all design-built
   projects the company was involved in. This also included the
   production of drawings

   Responsible for purchasing and expediting of all equipment

Project Engineering
   Responsible for coordination and supervision of
   installations of many major projects

Computer Costing
   Responsible for setting up the present computer program used
   for cost control and analysis

   Responsible for setting up non-union service division of the
   company for maintenance service contracts, actually involved in
   selling service contracts to Stark clients

   General Manager of all divisions - in charge of all estimating,
   cost control and general coordination


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